Friday, 14 December 2007

IBM WebSphere Tips & Tools - My first entry

Today I decided to try out

I have a website at

My first ever WebSphere Tool is below:

Web-based log viewer for IBM WebSphere 6.x

WAS Log View version 1.5

This Log Viewer application is designed to allow anyone web access to WebSphere logs using a Web Browser. It is very useful for test and development environments where you wish to give other people access to your WebSphere logs, but not a an OS level.

If you have a clustered environment then you must install the application on each node. I have given the application as EAR file (The ear is defaulted to context logview for a single server), so the installer will not prompt for context root. This design keeps the code, installation and use simple.

I has been said to me that you should never deploy such a tool in production, that is partly true.

If you were supporting 100 clustered servers and you could firewall protect ports, then this tool is great for WAS admins to get a quick view of logs on many servers very quickly. I am currently writing a JAVA application that takes all the URL links to WebSphere logs as generated by the WebSphere LogView tool and will allow searching a sorting of log rows. Keep an eye out for this application to be released early 2008.


Steven Charles Robinson